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Heya! My name's Kell Kitsch, I create whimsical, weird-ish art because I can ha!

I live in the lively city of Melbourne in Australia.
I've decided to return to school to finish my degree in Visual Communication & Design after a few years' break of figuring out what to do with my life...I've always had a bit of a knack for drawing oddball characters & stories, so maybe that's just what I'm meant to pursue in this peculiar little world.

I find drawing very therapeutic and an essential part of my life as I use it to unleash ideas that I would otherwise find difficult to describe through other mediums.  I suppose draw these particular characters & landscapes because I identify with them, wanderers who seek solidity, escaping the chaos in the world to enjoy the beauty of nature and quiet surrounds.

I also love animals, eating plants, yoga, meditation & can ride a unicycle.

I hope my art inspires, brings a sense of positivity or creativity in some way or another.

Anyway enough about me!

Open for commissions and enquries - contact me at: kellkitsch@outlook.com

**please don’t…reproduce my work without my permission. Cheers :)