Ruki Tuki is an optimistic, free-spirited young boy with a passion for adventure. He's full of energy, loves making new friends and lives, and wanders throughout the tranquil mountainous region of Boolangi. He lives a bohemian and nomadic lifestyle, often never staying in the same place for too long who "goes where the wind blows" and does not have a problem living a hap-hazard life without discipline or routine.
Ruki Tuki is a brave, simple-minded, and selfless character who becomes upset when unable to help others. Though well-travelled, Ruki Tuki is kindhearted and somewhat childish. Thus, he can be easily taken advantage of and get caught up in dangerous situations due to his kindness and purity. He is almost incapable of doing anything malevolent and has considerable empathy for all the characters he comes across, even extending to characters with malicious intent.